Aequitas Automotive confirm policy features for a range of products

Aequitas Automotive Limited

Aequitas Automotive have developed a range of Gap Insurance products for three independent brands online. Product features are key to this, and we are happy to confirm some of the more unique terms we provide

First of these would be the included option to cover the cost of additional accessory purchases as part of your vehicle package. These are often included with many Gap Insurance providers, however some products can often be excluded from cover. These will include ‘insured’ products like Motor Warranties and Paint and Fabric Protection products.

Aequitas Gap Insurance and Paint Protection

These additional products can cost hundreds, even thousands of pounds on the vehicle purchase, so to have them excluded from your Gap Insurance settlement can be disappointing to say the least! Unfortunately this is the case with many Gap Insurance products, but not with the Aequitas Automotive retail brands in Easy Gap, GapInsurance123 and

All Gap Insurance products will protect the cost of up to £1500 additional accessories, shown on your sales invoice, including ‘insured’ items such as Paint and fabric protection.

Other features include the additional cover extended to all named drivers on your motor insurance policy. This means if you add a driver after you take out the Gap Insurance then you do not have to tell us. They will be covered automatically.

Our new brand also includes a range of additional protection products, up to thirteen in all. These can be purchased alongside Gap Insurance, or indeed on a ‘stand alone’ basis. This means that you are free to select only the products you want and need.

Aequitas Gap Insurance pay monthly

Another facility introduced on the Shortfall website, is the chance to pay for your Gap Insurance through a premium funding agreement. This means you can spread the cost of your purchase over a 12 month period. This can be handy with the outlay associated with buying any new vehicle.

So there you go, just a few of the features you may expect from Aequitas Automotive products and brands.

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