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Aequitas Automotive Limited and Gap Insurance

Aequitas Automotive Ltd is a leading supplier of insurance products both to the motor trade and direct to the UK public. So who are Aequitas Automotive Ltd?

Who are the Aequitas Automotive Limited family?

What do Aequitas  stand for and where can you find their products?

The name ‘Aequitas’ is derived from the latin word for ‘fairness between individuals’, and is the origin of the english word ‘equity’.

Aequitas takes its regulatory requirements extremely seriously also, and is part of the ITC Compliance network, as are companies such as Kia UKCosmos Holidays, Monarch Airlines and Sony Europe. This ethos of fairness has driven the company to become one of the leading specialists in this field.

Aequitas Automotive Ltd senior management team have over 30 years experience in the motor, finance and insurance industries. In that time they have gained invaluable experience in this challenging field. They have worked at all levels of the industry, from the retail sales ‘coal face’ to senior management positions. This gives the company a true understanding of customers real world experiences, and their expectations of service.

Aequitas Automotive Ltd provide products from leading specialist underwriting insurers, such as AXA (IPA), AM Trust Europe Ltd and Enterprise Insurance Company PLC. These companies underwrite many brand products in the UK market today.

Aequitas Automotive Ltd are careful in selecting products from insurers and underwriters who have the infrastructure to meet the exacting standards expected by Aequitas.

Aequitas Automotive Ltd in the early days

Aequitas Automotive Ltd first launched its website several years ago. This website has always featured products from leading UK based insurer AM Trust Europe Ltd.

The website featured the largest range of Gap Insurance products available in the UK, with policies available for cars, vans, motorbikes, motorhomes, driving schools and private hire taxi’s. The website also features unrivalled ‘claim limits’ on the policies, of up to £50,000, as well as being able to cover vehicles up to £240,000 in value.

To make life ‘easy’, the policies on this site can be purchased over interest free instalments (if over £100 in value). After all, you spend plenty of money when you buy a new vehicle do you not? Why not spread the cost of your Gap Insurance?

Not to rest on their laurels, Aequitas Automotive Ltd launched a second Gap Insurance retail site in 2011, This website featured Gap Insurance polciies underwritten by Enterprise Insurance Company PLC, who underwrite many leading insurance products in the UK today.

Why the need for a second site? Well, Aequitas Automotive Ltd believe in giving their customers a choice, and in that sense it seemed sensibel to become their own competition. does offer a similar product range to, however their are some significant differences that can give a customer the greatest possible choice of cover.

The website offers a fantastic 5 year Return to Invoice or Vehicle Replacement Insurance product. Indeed, Aequitas Automotive Ltd was the first company in the UK to announce this product launch in 2011. GapInsurance123 also allows you to ‘defer’ the start date of your gap insurance policy for up to 12 months. This is wonderful if you have replacement cover on your own motor insurance for that period. This means you are not having to pay for the same cover twice over. Ultimately, this means you could take a 4 year Gap Insurance policy, defer for 12 months and have a full 5 year cover. Whats more, on GapInsurance123 you are not charged a subsidy to defer you policy, you pay the same to defer a 4 year policy as you do for a ‘non deferred’ policy.

Other features do differ, and on this site we will directly compare policies from both sites.

Common features a numerous, including no premium uplift for motorbikes, a contribution of £250 towards your motor policy excess and cover for traveling abroad are all features on many of the Gap Insurance policies on both sites.

Aequitas Automotive Ltd was pleased to have both its websites featured in a Gap Insurance review in Which Magazine in February 2012. This feature has now been extended to the Which website, where EasyGap and GapInsurance123 are compared to the other leading Gap Insurance retailers.

Aequitas Automotive Ltd can proudly boast the lowest UK premium fopr 5 out of 6 price brackets checked by Which Money.

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