Aequitas FSA

Before anyone can provide, promote or sell any form of gap insurance in the UK they must be registered with the Financial Services Authority- FSA.

There are many ways to be registered but the most common are to be directly authorised and to be an appointed representative.

For us there was only ever one FSA choice and only ever one company we wanted to work with.

The FSA is an independent governing body who monitor the promotion of insurance policies and as part of our company mission we wanted to ensure that our customers had what we believe to be the best.

This means that we enlisted the help and support of ITC Compliance limited. ITC Compliance Limited are an independent company who oversee all of our activities to ensure that we always conduct ourselves in a correct, fair and proper manor. They help with on going training and regulation changes and with their help we are always ready to meet any changes which may arise.

ItC Compliance also work with other national and multi national groups both in and outside of the motor industry such as Cosmos, KIA UK, Sony Europe and other main dealership groups.

As such ITC have exceptionally high standards and we are proud we work with them. In fact their continued support and guidance has enabled us to grow and expand while maintaining our and their exacting standards in both customer care and service levels.

 You can check us on the FSA Register our FSA Number is 541186.


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