was the second Gap Insurance retail website launched by Aequitas Automotive Ltd in 2011. The products have been specifically developed with a specialist administrator and insurer. Policy features and benefits are truly ‘market leading in the UK.

If  EasyGap products are so good, why the need for GapInsurance123? Well simply Aequitas Automotive Ltd wanted to give its customers more choice. How does GapInsurance123 do this?

The GapInsurance123 advantage

The products you find on GapInsurance123 have been carefully developed with experience in mind. All the elements required for the very best levels are cover are found in a GapInsurance123 policy we believe. What are these?

Firstly, the underwriting insurer is a specialist in the field. Aequitas Automotive Ltd has only, and will only promote products from a company it can have faith in. The underwriting insurer for GapInsurance123 is Enterprise Insurance Company PLC, who also underwrite several household brands in the UK. Simply place there name on an Internet search, and you will see why Aequitas Automotive are happy to promote their products.

Ultimately it is the insurer that backs the policy. So confident are Aequitas Automotive Ltd in the GapInsurance123 policies, that a written commitment is given within the policy terms and conditions, to make your gap insurance settlement claim within 14 days of your motor insurance settlement.

Gap Insurance as Easy as 1-2-3!

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