Gap Insurance 1 2 3 features

Gap Insurance 123 has many additional extras - many features and combinations of features cannot be found anywhere other than a GapInsurance123 policy. GapInsurance123 policies can be for 5 years on a Return to Invoice or Vehicle Replacement basis, they can be deferred free of charge, you can cover the cost of paint protection and non transferable warranties, and you can get cover for a range of vehicles, including driving schools, motorbikes and taxi’s.

We will expand more on these features in other places on this site.

Gap Insurance 123 just great features?

Aequitas Automotive Ltd have always believed in offering the very best cover, and offering the very best value to their customers. The priority in an product is undoubtably the polciy features, however the next issue is always the price! Aequitas Automotive have a reputation for offering ‘market leading’ premium prices as well as quality products. Indeed, it bucked the insurance industry trend in 2011 by seeing its premium costs reducing over the 12 month period.

With the launch of GapInsurance123, the picture did not change. To illustrate this, a Which Money feature in February 2012 found that by comparing the leading Gap Insurance wensites in the UK, GapInsurance123 produced the lowest premium prices on 5 out of 6 quotes made.

Gap Insurance made as Easy as 1-2-3!

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