Are you ready to hand over control of your New Car?

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Are you ready to hand over the driving of your new car to an automated system that would make it less stressful and safer?

We have long had cars that will help you park and systems that actually park your new car for you. If ever you have used a new car with this system you will know that feeling of handing over control. It can be disconcerting and take some time to become familiar with the idea that you are taking your hands of the wheel and that a computer controlled system is parking your car for you.

So are you ready for a system to completely take control of your new car and the driving?

Perhaps not a massive seventy per cent of the general public would not consider buying a new car that could drive itself according to a recent report commissioned by the technological giant Bosh.

Technology is already able to take control of our drive experience instead it is us who are now holding back. Forms of self drive cars are nothing new and have in fact been around since the 1980′s and is thanks to Volvo back in the spot light

No this dose not mean that we will all be racing around in “science fiction mini-pods” however many manufacturers are actively looking for ways to integrate forms of autonomous technology into the new cars.

The Bosch report highlight that even thought the vast majority of us are not ready to hand over total control we are already becoming open the idea of forms of assistance for example the parking assist systems already fitted to many main stream new cars.

So does this mean that we just need more exposure to the concept?

Perhaps more reassurance about the systems and their abilities.

After all technology is now moving quicker than we can adapt to it. So what do you think, do you think that in generations to come we will look back at the cars of today in the same way?

Would you hand over complete control our your new car?

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