Aston Martin AM310 & the Vanquish Mark2

Aston Martin at the Show!

Aston Martin have long been known not only for luxury cars and world class engineering but also for style and class. Only making truly aspirational cars for the vast majority of us to longingly aspire to.  With this in mind Aston Martin have at last announced the predecessor to the ever successful DBS.

The new Aston Martin AM310 is a project car made to highlight the Vanquish Mark2.

So what is the new Aston Martin going to be like?

At first glance it looks somewhat similar to Aston Martin’s middle range car the ever popular Virage Coupe especially in the overall profile and look.  But this time the pumped up super car has been given an injection of steroids and has a much more aggressive edge.

With a carbon fibre apron and the now familiar Aston Martin Grille is is unmistakably part of the super car family. It has however managed to combine this aggressive , look with the curves and sheer beauty we have become accustomed to with a fully integrated spoiler similar to the DBS yet even more sporty in appearance.

So will the Aston Martin AM310 ever be made in to a pure production car and not just a conceot for the Villa d’Este, only time will tell.

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