Aston Martin Rapide ‘S’ one of the highest performing cars ?

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It has been said over recent years that, when it comes to down to highly powerful vehicles in the automotive industry, nobody does it better than Aston Martin , where as this may be true, there are a lot of other car manufacturers, that base their success on powerful driving experience’s such as, Lamborghini,Ferrari and BMW. But we truly believe that the Aston Martin Rapide ‘S’ model from Aston Martin could very well go down as one of the most powerful machines in history being having a physical advantage on the good of the car world, but it also comes with one of the highest price tags on the new car market today for one of the bad points.


What whent into the Aston Martin Rapide during production time ?

In terms of the production aspect of models from the highly successful,British car manufacturing team, it is stated that Aston Martin are experts when it comes down to, luxury, sports performance vehicles, and we believe this was cemented when the Rapide model was officially debuted. In terms of the manufacturing process on this Aston Martin vehicle, we seen the welcome inclusion of, a 6.0 litre, V12 engine that in total, carries an amount of, 550 units of brake horse power. It received a great number of upgrades and tweaks aswell, over the original base model that was released prior.


Some of these upgrades included, a brand new revised front grille and a large rear spoiler that was pre fitted also. In terms of the body layout and design of the car itself, the front end was stated by the owners to share the same styling as that of the,DB9 Couple model from the same brand. To polish the design off nicely we saw the driver and passenger door’s, hinge upwards upon opening them which we thought was a great touch. In terms of what made the interior of this model so special, a lot of features were warmly welcomed, by the media and the general public alike. Some of these interior features included the likes of materials such as, wood and leather trimmings around certain parts of the dashboard.


A beautiful centre console also came as part of the package.

But to finish off,lets go back to the power side of things, with this engine, we saw the vehicle hit top speeds of, 190 miles per hour, and was able to reach speeds of 62 miles per hour from a standstill in a time of just, 4.9 seconds flat. It was also finished off nicely by a six speed transmission system.


The pricing and release of the Aston Martin Rapide ‘S’

In terms of a release date on this specific model, you will be happy to know that it is available right now for purchase at selected Aston dealership’s. In terms of a price tag that comes along with the vehicle, you may recall we stated earlier that the price tag is huge, and this is demonstrated by the sum of £149,000 for a basic model of the Aston Martin Rapide ‘S’.

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