BMW 4 series from £36675.

Christmas in your car

BMW’s long awaited 4 series is nearly here.

The German super Brand BMW have at last released the prices for the 4 series which will replace the 3 series early next year.

The BMW 3 Series has been around for some time and has won world renowned acclaim .

In typical BMW form with attention to details the current model has become known for reliability, drive-ability and quality.

The new BMW model has already been launched in Australia and is set to make its Indian debut in November however British BMW enthusiasts will have to wait until February 2014 for their chance to drive away in the new range.

Just in time for the 2014 March registration plate change the BMW 4 series will start from £36,675 and will superseding the 3 series of old. The all new model will convertible will be a two door four seater and has a 3 piece folding hard top which can be lowered in 20 seconds and while driving at up to 11 miles per hour.

The BMW 4 series convertible will be sold along side the coupe version but will cost an extra £5,000.

So what is new in the new BMW and will the 4 series be able to satisfy 3 series owners?

The 4 series is bigger. Not just longer but wider as well. It is also slightly lower being launched with two petrol engines and one diesel.

It will also have a launch of five trim / specification levels….

  • SE
  • Sport
  • Luxury
  • Modern
  • M Sport.

The New BMW 4 series has a lot to live up to with the 3 series having a massive following from not just company car drivers and fleet operators who currently enjoy the higher than average residuals making the current 3 series a firm favourite with both small are large fleets alike.

Only time will tell however with the massive investment and global interest in the new BMW it is sure to be given a good chance.


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