Bmw s1000R is the superbike we have been waiting for

In a follow up news story from the reveal of a new Bmw tourer today, we can confirm that Bmw have also unveiled a brand new superbike to coincide with the tourer called the Bmw S1000R. At first glance the s1000 looks absolutely stunning, it has a similar sort look to that of a Honda and the same kind of style as the latest lines of ktm motorcycle. If you took the two and combined them the s1000R would be your ideal result. Over the years Bmw have been one the biggest names in the car industry, but we believe that with the s1000r Bmw will make an ever bigger name for themselves in the motorbike industry also.

 What features stack the deck for the Bmw s1000R

Its not just the look of the sporty Bmw that impressed us a lot but the hard work from Bmw that they have put into the s1000r on its features and specs have impressed us just as much. We think that some of the headlining points for the s1000 are the following: The engine of the bike comes full on head first with 160 brake horse power capable of hitting 11,000 revs per minute. Four fixed piston brake callipers with a single disc rear brake. Much in the same manner of the Bmw’s new tourer it comes completely standard with Race Abs technology and standard automatic stability control (ASC). Perhaps the two top eye catching specs of the s1000R are its Dual sided swingarm that comes with central shock control and and a analouge tachometer to match.


When can you purchase a Bmw s1000R and at what pricetag

We sadly cannot confirm a pricetag for the latest addition to Bmw sports bikes as it is yet to be revealed by manufacturer Bmw. We can report though that you can expect to start seeing the Bmw s1000R in your nearest local Bmw dealerships from as soon as early 2014.

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