Brand new Audi Rs7 Sportback announced

audi rs7

Its official, the Audi RS7 Sportback has been officially announced by the popular car manufacture and is set to be a big seller in the current car market. The brand new four door follow up to the Audi Rs6 is slightly more larger than its predecessor therefore producing a lot more space for the interior of the vehicle itself and a lot of new gadgets and features that are hoping to ensure big success for the Audi Rs7.

Whats so unique about the Audi Rs7?

There are quite a lot of features, specs and gadgets that we believe make the new Audi a worthwhile vehicle for any current Audi consumer or anybody looking to make the switch. Some of the big hitters for The RS7 include:  A deeper front and rear bumper,20 inch alloy wheels with LED headlights as standard. It also comes along with eight speed automatic gearbox that is welcomed by the steering wheels mounted paddles. The Audi Rs7 is four wheel drive and comes with a terrific night vision assistance option with pedestrian detection. In terms of its engine it contains a huge twin turbo charged v8 4.0 litre engine and can hit a top speed of 189mph from a speed of 0 to 62mph in just four seconds. The new Rs shares the same engine as the Rs6 and the Bentley v8 continental.    There’s also optional features that will set you back a few pounds if chosen. These include: Rs sports suspension and ceramic brakes.

Releasing of the Audi Rs7 and its price tag

Unfortunately, we are saddened to report that a current release date for the vehicle itself is yet to be announced by Audi directly but we do believe that it will be some time in 2014 as it is the 2014 model. As far as pricing is concerned, it has been announced that the Audi Rs7 will retail starting at a price of £83,495.

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