Call of Duty Ghosts has arrived

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Its official, we are happy to report that call of duty ghosts has arrived around the world. The latest first person shooter from popular game manufacturers treyarch and ubisoft has finally hit the global video games market. The call of duty franchise has been one of the biggest sellers amongst the gaming community for years and years now, and every year is one of the most anticipated games heading up to its official release date.


Call of duty ghosts not heading for the top spot of fast sellers

Over the years the call of duty franchise has been usually one of the biggest and fastest selling games each year. But this years release of call of duty ghosts is destined not to set the top spot for fastest selling game of the year despite much heavy anticipation. The reasoning behind this is due to the release this past September of Grand Theft Auto 5, which broke records globally by selling over 2.6 million copies world wide in its first two weeks on sale. Ghosts is believed by many though to be somewhat close to the figure of Gta 5, that is the hope amongst game developers anyway. The latest addition to the Cod franchise has already become the top seller in charts online amongst the likes of Amazon and Asda.


Gamers que in the freezing cold at midnight for Call of duty ghosts

We can confirm that uk retailer Game, opened up a number of around 300 stores in the UK for the midnight release of the game itself. Thousands of fans qued up in thefreezing cold weather leading up to midnight Monday night in order to be one of the first gamers in the world to get their hands on a copy of the game. The call of duty franchise has been one of the best selling franchises over the past number of years, but will this year be the same and can Call of duty ghosts continue with the legacy it has built up over the past ten years.

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