Car Dealers Data Out of Date

Out of Date data costing car Dealers Millions!

In a recent report carried out by Experian nearly 33% of all data held by car dealers was found to be out of date and incorrect.

The survey carried out in depth research into the date held of car dealers and found that on average nearly 24% was completely out of date. So what dose this mean for car dealers?

While we at Aequitas do not believe in email marketing campaigns in fact we will never contact you un solicited, it is important to keep data up to date. Registration numbers, contact details even address’s are important as should you ever need to make a gap insurance claim it is really important that we can contact you immediately. In correct address;s or telephone numbers can delay the process which is something that we would never want.

After all having your vehicle written off is bad enough without having to wait any additional time to discover that important documentation has been sent to an old address.

Please remember that we never sell, pass on or given you details to anyone for any marketing purposes what so ever.

Experian took this one stage further and monetized this. The results where staggering.

It is estimated that the lack of up to date and accurate data is currently costing some of the larger car dealers up to £600,000 per year.

Even small dealerships could be losing up £1000 that it is without factoring in the additional time and lost business not being able to contact customers about services or mot tests being due.

In accurate data is costing the motor industry millions per year.

At Aequitas we actively encourage customers to keep in touch and their data correct.

Medium car dealer where classed as car dealers with 100,000 customer records. Their estimated loss was not as eye watering as some of the larger dealer groups but still amounted to an estimated £20.000 per campaign.

Why not get in touch and let us know what you think.

Do you keep your car dealers up dated or not and if not are there any special reasons?

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