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Car News of the week at Easy Gap Insurance


We at Easy Gap Insurance like to keep our regular visitors and readers updated on the latest goings on in the car market. Last week was a very interesting one and featured news stories such as the new Toyota i-Road and the new BMW i-Range.


Toyota have recently announced a massive recall of models which may effect the chances of the new Toyota I Road in the electric car market. Toyota have recalled a whopping 885,000 cars worldwide which is only a shadow on the last mass recall the Japanese manufacturer had to make.

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The Toyota i-Road model will be the first model to target the individual use electric car market and really challenge the likes of the Renault Twizy. The Renault Twizy is currently behind the likes of the Nissan Leaf in the electric market which is something that the French manufacturer will look to change in the near future.


However, the BMW brand plan on cashing in on the success of the electric car market by announcing two new models in the form of the new i-Range. BMW have announced to bring the i-3 model to the UK Car Market as well as the i-8 model in the near future. Audi have announced plans to released the latest A3 e-tron model into the electric market.


In other news, Infiniti have announced that they plan to release a new four door saloon as part of the £4 billion investment to become one of the worlds leading manufacturers. Nissan have made plans to bring the Infiniti brand to the UK and for the models to produced in the UK’s largest car production plant in the North East.


Nissan plan on using the electric car market and the popularity of the hybrid as a method of moving the Infiniti brand up the ranks.


On the other hand, Audi have announced a new A3 e-tron and a new A8 model. The new Audi A8 model will hopefully add to the success already achieved this year and the desirability of the Audi brand within the UK Car Market.

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