Car & Tyre Insurance Claims Increase

Car & Tyre Insurance Claims Increase

Car damage claims have risen by 750% after the poor state of the roads in the United Kingdom following the winter floods. One council has reported that there has been an increase in claims from drivers whose vehicles have endured broken suspension and steering.

The roads on the UK have been described as being amongst the worst roads in Europe according to a recent report. Tyre Insurance claims have been increasing due to the poor condition of the roads in the UK. Pot Holes and other dents in the road surface can cause balding to the tyre and even punctures.

Manufacturers such as BMW who offer the driver a set of run flat tyres insist that the state of roads in the UK has increased the sale of tyre sets and insurance.

Somerset Council said that it has had a 750% increase in insurance claims from January to February of this year, in comparison to the same period from 2013.

Other councils throughout the south of the country have said that they have also saw a massive increase in the number of drivers who have put in claims with damaged cars. This is due to the roads having crumbled from damage tat was created by the flooding over last winter.

Allegedly, councils will spend on average £730,000,000 in compensation to motorists who have damaged vehicles. There has now been a call for a new road sign that will warn drivers about potholes that are coming up ahead.

Claims on the increase

A spokesperson for a well known car insurance company has said that with stretches of the road significantly affected by potholes, there are many people who use roads on a daily basis that are being affected, there is therefore now a real cause to create a sign dedicated to this.

He went on to say that motorists should be given a fighting chance of avoiding unnecessary garage bills, or even something as serious as a personal injury. He finished by saying that if there can be road signs to warn of rocks falling from above, then there should be road signs to warn of craters from below. The average bill for damage to a car that has been caused by a pothole is £247, so only a couple of prevented incidents will cover the expenditure of a sign.

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