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Will your Gap Insurance Policy cover theft with use of the Keys?

BMW launch the brand new 330d X Drive model

In some of the latest vehicle release news today to make its way out of the German owned car company BMW, we are pleased to report on one of the latest vehicle releases from the brand which comes your way in the shape and form of the all new 330d X Drive model which has […]

Volkswagen Golf - Blue

Volkswagen Polo 2014 Spotted

Volkswagen Polo Facelifted   A number of images have been leaked online which seem to show the new face lifted version of the Volkswagen Polo model. The Volkswagen brand themselves announced that the model will be due to be updated this year.

Vauxhall Astra

Aston Martin Rapide ‘S’ one of the highest performing cars ?

It has been said over recent years that, when it comes to down to highly powerful vehicles in the automotive industry, nobody does it better than Aston Martin , where as this may be true, there are a lot of other car manufacturers, that base their success on powerful driving experience’s such as, Lamborghini,Ferrari and […]

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The Urban Tabby the flat pack car

Ever wanted to build your own car? An Italian design firm have made this possible through a project which was first made public in October 2013 in the form of the Tabby.


The BMW X1 is revealed

In some news today coming directly out of the German car company known as BMW,  who also own popular brand Mini, we are happy to report on the latest news that, the Detroit motor show recently has become the home of the official unveilment of the brands all new, X1 model that was revealed earlier […]

BMW promise more investment for the Mini brand in the UK

Mini John Cooper works concept model to be unveiled

In some car related news today coming directly out of the British based manufacturing industry team known as Mini, now owned by BMW, we are happy to report on the latest Mini concept idea that is set to get a public reveal sometime throughout this week at the Detroit motor show.

Hybrid charging technology

The UK Car Production

The UK Car Production   UK Car Production has increased by a massive 9.9% compared to last September. The likes of Nissan Sunderland has become one of the largest car production plants within the UK having set records in 2012 for producing over 500,000 models.

Will your Gap Insurance Policy cover theft with use of the Keys?

The ongoing battle between Toyota and Honda

The ongoing battle between Toyota and Honda   The battle to become the biggest brand within the Japanese car market seems to be as big as that in the German, as the likes of Toyota, Honda and Nissan go head to head. Toyota seem to have the advantage but since the recent slip in both […]

New Car Gap Insurance - Guide

New Easy Gap Policies

What is Different with our all new Easy Gap Insurance policy. What Additional features do they have and how can change the face of UK Gap protection for consumers today.

Compare Gap Insurance

How do you know if you are comparing Gap Insurance correctly?

When you are shopping on line and comparing gap insurance with everyone calling their level of cover different names how do you know that you are actually comparing the same levels of protection. After all do you know what GAP +, VRI, RTI + RTI Gold and Shortfall are?

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