Cheap Gap insurance – You Get what you pay for!

A question lots of the Public ask "is Cheap gap insurance worth it "

We all know the quality costs, so what about cheap gap insurance?

We are all constantly bombarded with information about how quality normally costs more. Even the word cheap does not instill confidence. This is not a term that anyone would ever want to associate with any form of gap insurance let alone gap insurance.

So is cheap gap insurance worth it or are the so many loop holes and small print that it is simply throwing good money after bad!

When it comes to gap insurance it is one of the very very industries where the price you have paid bears no reflection on the actual quality of product you buy.

Instead tangible reasons such as variances in rates of ITP, supplier prices and cost bases means that in many cases you can find the same if not better levels of cover from on line cheap gap insurance suppliers than you could from your dealership.

Buy before you rush out and buy any level of cheap gap insurance you still need to make sure that the policies are fully regulated and still backed by the financial services compensation scheme.

You also need to read the small print if any to make sure as although we can only comment on cheap gap insurance policies that we provide certain policies features many vary from supplier to supplier.

For example

After recently processing a policy transfer for a customer who provided us with-all the relevant documentation such as invoice etc we know only too well that not having these items covered can be very costly. Our customer had paid nearly £400 for a German manufacturers paint protection and it is far to late to find out that your policy doesn’t cover it when you are making a claim and the items are being excluded from your settlement.

So i summary no cheap gap insurance does not mean any dilution of cover, quality, service or back up, instead it simply mean better value for money!



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