Diesel Cars re-sales values at an all time high.

According to the latest reports from British Car Auctions diesel cars continue to rule supreme over there petrol counterparts.

All this at a time when diesel registrations are at an all time high.

So what does this mean to you and how much you will pay for diesel cars?

Well this high re-sale value will mean that your supplier will of had to of paid and average of up  to £1,500 more for a diesel car above a petrol model. This cost will naturally be passed.

So should we all rush out and buy diesel cars?

Perhaps not as a when it comes to depreciation levels the petrol is still holding its own when compared to the manufactures recommended retail prices at estimated retained values of 39% compared to the slightly lower diesel cars 36%.

With the manufactures recommended retail price on average £4500 higher than the same petrol model this could be enough to kerb our appetite for all things diesel.

A British Car Auctions Spokes person said “…., when looking at the retained value over the typical 40-month working life of a volume fleet & lease car, the petrol car – perhaps surprisingly – is the stronger performer by some three percentage points. Of course, the mileage factor is important, but then diesels are purchased with that higher mileage factored into the overall running costs.”

Remember that our love affair with diesel cars still continues with diesel new registrations making up over 50 % of the  market.

Should we all rush out and Buy Diesel Cars?

Should we all rush out and Buy Diesel Cars?

That means that there is just under a million new diesel cars and vans being registerd each year!


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