Douglas Valley LTD sued over fireball injury

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We at Easy Gap Insurance have been concentrating on bringing our readers the latest in everything automotive and today is no different, the main news topic will of course be the headline grabbing fireball incident at Douglas Valley which will be supplemented by the Jaguar Land Rover news and the new Volkswagen Golf R model.


Car firm, Douglas Valley LTD, based in Chorley Lancashire we can report have been sued by a former member of staff at the unit. 33 year old Lee Roberts a former member of staff at Douglas Valley has sued the company due to an incident that occurred involving Mr. Roberts working on a transit van in a car inspection pit, when he was tragically set on fire.


Other members of staff from Douglas Valley noted that the firm itself used electric drills regularly to puncture fuel tanks of the vehicles they are working on which most likely became the cause of the incident also through negligence of the company.


Douglas Valley LTD prosecuted


Due to the incident car firm Douglas Valley LTD have been prosecuted by the crown court.The incident that happened three years ago now has cost the employer a total of £65,000 in damages and injuries. The court was told that the Douglas Valley ltd very surprisingly had no fire alarms or smoke detectors fitted inside the building which therefore caused the fire to go unrecognised by other members of staff for quite some time.


Victims effects after Douglas Valley LTD incident


In a quote from Mr.Roberts himself he said the following “ I still remember the noise of the petrol fumes igniting and a wave of blue flames engulfing the pit. They put me into an induced coma to stop the pain and it was at least a couple of days later when I came around. When I woke up I could feel the pain immediately”. Mr.Roberts has also stated that even now three years on from the incident at Douglas Valley LTD he is still suffering severe flashbacks of the incident which occurred three years ago now.


In other news …


The British based firm, Jaguar Land Rover have become the worlds most profitable car manufacturer based on the profit margin for each model sold. The Jaguar Land Rover firm have recently posted figures that confirm the model have broke a number of in company records. Records such as the 400,000 units sold between July and September have been broken whilst the profit margin has jumped up by three per cent.


The German firm Volkswagen have added to the successful Volkswagen Golf model with a new R version, which will in fact be the most powerful Volkswagen Golf model yet. The new Volkswagen Golf R will be built alongside the Audi S3 model and will challenge the model for both ability and price.


So, there you have it, our news story round up this week, featuring the Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen Golf and of course the incident at Douglas Valley.

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