Drive club set to revoloutnise drivng games?

Drive club race game

In gaming/racing news today, the latest racing game driveclub from sony entertainment Europe is set to take the gaming community by storm. The game itself was due to be released on the very same day as the Playstation 4 console which officially launches in North America today and here in the UK on the 29th November. Due to Sony entertainment games deciding to add a few tweaks and a few finishing touches to the game itself, the company behind driveclub released a statement a few weeks ago stating that driveclub will now be officially delayed until some time next year, which was some quite sad news for gaming fans globally.

Driveclub Playstation Plus Edition

Sony entertainment network online has a fantastic subscription based service available to all online playstation users. Where as for a yearly subscription cost, fans can purchase playstation plus on their account and have access to five completely free games to download each month and many many discounts elsewhere on the playstation store. Playstation and Sony have officially announced that upon the release of driveclub, there will be a special edition of the game available to users to download completely free from the playstation plus service. The plus edition of the game is reported to have a few less tracks and cars than the original retail version of the game which is set to cost around the £45.00-£50.00 price tag. But for absolutely no cost a free game will be a big credit and appreciative boost for the Sony network.

What can driveclub offer you in terms of cars?

Driveclub has literally hundreds of vehicles and car manufacturers to choose from when taking the racing tradition to the next generation of games consoles. There is literally everything from:Ferrari,Ford,Audi,Suzuki,Seat,Lamborghini, Aston martin, all the way to Jaguar. Another unique feature that has also been included in the next generation racer,is the transition during racing from daylight to night time, and vice versa, which makes for a truly realistic and unique feeling for the consumer. Without a doubt Driveclub could be set to be one of the biggest games in playstation history. Expect to see Driveclub hit your playstation console early 2014.

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