Easy Gap Goes Hollywood

Easy Gap Goes to Hollywood

Well this is completely off point from our normal serious selves however Easy Gap Insurance and Aequitas are going Hollywood crazy.

The easy Gap Offices are in what was once an old submarine factory and it is a beautiful old building which has been converted into a suite of old offices. It is a an amazing place to work and still has a lot of character with the old cast iron hooks and a lot of original features.

The Easy Gap offices are situated just off the docklands area and overlooks both the waterfront and the old unused tunnel entrance.

At present our normal Easy Gap tranquil environment has been totally overturned with the arrival of Hollywood.

Pinewood studios are currently filming a sequel to the Patriot games ” the full title ha not been finalised ” and apparently our old tunnel entrance is very similar to many tunnels in the New York area.

They will be filming car chases and crashes in the tunnel and entrance.

In fact security is very tight and everything is being kept under wraps but part of the building that we used for our Easy gap offices has been sectioned off to use as a green room for actors and stunt men, even though they do not arrive until later this week.

Pinewood studios who are true world class leaders in the film industry are leaving nothing to chance and shipped in lorry loads of American police cars in order to make use that everything is completely authentic.

It is rumored that Harrison Ford and Keira Knightly will be arriving for a brief scene, but that may be just wish full thinking on behalf of our receptionist.

That said the Hollywood Royal visit has bought a massive amount of people to the local area and can only be good for the local economy.

Lets just hope that they have easy gap insurance on some of their cars as we are sure that at least a few will be written off during the course of filming!




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