EU Challenge for Co2 Emissions for New cars and Vans

Would you pay more for a new car with a lower Co2 Emission?

European Automobile Manufactures Association (ACEA) are set to follow the new European Commissions advisory rules to help reduce Co2 emissions for new car’s and vans.

In fact together they will now carry out extensive research in to the new car ans van C02 proposals.

This means not just looking at costs  but also looking at ways to actively reduce the Co2 emissions on our new cars and vans and constructive ways on how to reach the targets.

As a whole the motor industry understands and appreciates the impact of global warming and carbon footprints and has been taking action for some time.

Back in 1995 the average fleet emissions where 186 Co2/ km. As we know real change can take time and there is alot of work needed to even make a marginal change. This involves changing our driving habits as well as encouraging lower emission new car and van sales, but by 2011 this had been reduced to the average Co2 emissions being 136.6 co2/km

There is however still a long way to go to reach the Europen target as the proposals have set a challenging bench mark which  is an average of 95 Co2/km for cars and 147Co2/km for vans. To compound the issue the targets are also a lot lower than those given to China the Us or Japan.

The association is naturally concerned that this will increase manufacturing costs for manufacturers based in Europe and put them at a commercial disadvantage compare to those based outside the EU.

This concerns come at a bad time for the motor industry which has seen falling sale for the last five years running with the outlook for 2012 set to fall an estimated 7 % compared to 2011 to just 12.20 million.

In brief the manufactures are worried that the European Co2 targets as well as falling new car and van sales is not supporting the industry and will ultimately erode their competitive edge.

So would you pay more for a new car or van which had a lower emission?

Would you pay more for a vehicle built in the EU?

Does your vehicles Carbon Foot Print concern you?

Ultimately it will be you who decide the future of the new car and van markets in the type and models you choose to buy. So why not let us know what you think about the new European Co2 emission targets for new cars and vans proposals do they go far enough or too far?


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