Fiat Group recalls

Fiat recall

The Fiat Group have issued a recall for three models which span it’s brands. The recalls stem from two unrelated problems and the company have reported that no accidents or injuries caused by the problems have been made known to them.


Fiat 500L recall


Alongside the other repair, the Fiat Group are recalling 2014 500L models for a different reason. The 500L models are being recalled due to a glitch in the vehicle’s transmission software. According to a press release, “Chrysler Group engineers launched an investigation after reviewing reports that some vehicles equipped with dual dry clutch automatic transmissions would not shift readily out of park and/or their transmissions did not receive, or were slow to receive, an intended gear selection.”


The problem has been linked to a micro-controller associated with the transmission, a component that Chrysler claims may be “compromised” by extremes in temperature. The problem can be fixed by a software update, though 200 of the recalled vehicles may require replacement shift-modules to ensure compatibility with the new software.


The Fiat 500L recall affects around 19,500 vehicles, with at least 20% still being on dealer lots. Around 18,100 are located in the US, while the remaining 1,400 are in Canada.


Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango recall


The Fiat Group’s brands have issued a voluntary recall for it’s 2012-2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango models. This is due to a ‘pedal feel’ on the vehicle’s brakes.


While investigating the issue, Fiat contacted a parts supplier, which believed that one of the vehicle’s components might be interfering with Chrylser’s Ready Alert Braking (RAB) system. The RAB system works by “priming brakes for optimal response when making a sudden stop.” Upon further investigation, the company found that brake fluid was being restricted which caused the diminished brake pedal feel, though states that, “Brake function was neither lost nor out of compliance with regulation.”


The flaw affects around 25,250 vehicles with 18,700 in the US, 825 in Canada, 530 in Mexico and the remaining 5,200 located in other countries.


A time line for fixing the problems have yet to be announced, though the Fiat Group have announced that it will inform owners when they can take vehicles affected by the recall to Chrysler or Fiat dealers for free repairs.

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