Fiat set to launch the all new 500 Cult model this year


In some car industry news today coming directly out of the Italian car manufacturing company known as Fiat, we are pleased to report on the latest news coming out of the company regarding the brand new, 500 Cult model that is all set for a grand debut here in the UK later on this year and throughout other parts of the world also. Images have been posted online of the vehicle in the flesh which show both the interior and exterior features of the car itself and we do believe that the model will officially be revealed to the general public and media alike this week at the Geneva motor show. Fiat have had quite a number of big sellers on their hands over the most recent years such as the Punto and the Panda but perhaps this all new 500 Cult model could potentially be one of the biggest and best yet.


Why is the Fiat 500 Cult so special ?

So with that being said, what is it so special about this brand new Fiat 500 model that makes it stand out above the rest of the companies vehicles and 500 models from Fiat history and, what allows it to stand tall amongst other rival car brands such as the likes of,Mini,Peugeot and Ford ?. Well firstly we see the welcome addition’s of, a 0.9 litre, two cylinder, petrol engine that in total carries 104 units of brake horse power and will therefore make the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of just ten seconds flat. Overall this addition to the Fiat range will max out at top speeds of, 117 miles per hour. The vehicle is only available in a front wheel drive format but does come complete with, a manual, six speed, transmission system.


In regards to some of the more key features that stand out for us, we see these come in the shape and form of, plenty interior space,an optional sat-nav system,Leather seating and a seven inch, digital dial pack. The vehicle itself comes in a base colour of light green but we do expect that the car will be available in a multitude of different colours ahead of the time of the vehicles official launch here in the UK.


How much will the brand new Fiat 500 Cult set you back ?

So with that being said, before we jump into the price, we are pleased to report that, you will be officially able to purchase your brand new 500 model from April of this year in your nearest Fiat dealership and, you can expect to invest into a brand new Fiat 500 Cult at a cost of around £15,000.

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