Ford B Max rumoured to be struggling

Ford B Max


The US manufacturer Ford has arguably been one of the stand out brands in the past 24 months. The success of the Ford Fiesta and the Focus models have been something to be marvelled at. Within the UK, Ford have held rivals off the top spot for over 12 months.


However, the B Max model at Ford has been far from a success. The US brand have been forced to cut the price of the model by £1,000 after the model struggled to increase sales figures amid low demand.


Many manufacturers have been pulling models from the European Car Market as demand continues to fall, but Ford have been one of the major supporters in the European Car Market and have arguably helped the UK keep increasing monthly sale registrations.


Whilst the price cut on the B Max is said to have been because of the poor sales figures achieved by the brand, a spokesperson has stated that the price cut is down to the accommodation of the new Titanium X trim level.


On the other hand, the Ford manufacturer has officially announced that the production plant that produces the B Max models will close for a period of four days which is also thought to be due to the low demand.

 Ford B Max vs Nissan Note

The direct rival for the B Max model is thought to be the hugely successful Nissan Note model. The Nissan Note model currently starts at a very competitive price of £12,100. Nissan along with Ford have been one of the most successful brands within the European Car Market.


The Nissan Note has been amongst the successes at the Japanese manufacturer which may have influenced the sales capabilities achieved by the Ford B Max model. However, within the UK the Ford brand is considered the brand to have and the B Max model outperformed the Nissan Note in the sales year of 2013.

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