Ford’s New B Max is nearly here!

The countdown for Fords new B Max has begun and dealers expect it to be in the showrooms just in time for the Septemeber plate change.

Production has already started ahead of the launch in Romania.

So are Ford right will the be room in the UK market for another MPV?

Well according to Ford yes. In fact Ford believes that they will be perfectly placed to maximise sales as customers look to downsize to cars which are more efficient but still offer more space and a big car feel.

After all times are not easy for anyone and we all want more. Better fuel efficiency, better specification levels, more comfort, lower road fund licence, in short better life time running costs. That said this should not be at the expense of the driving experience. Cars are expensive and should match our lifestyles not the other way around.

This is also backed up by recent research which showed that nearly 40 % of Europe’s large car owners are actively looking to trade down. But Ford are not alone as the small sports utility vehicle segment is set to grow by an estimated 17 % by 2018 alone.

Since the SUV segment was launched in 2000 it has already experienced massive growth with another five major players joining the battle for your business by 2003 with a further five by 2008 and by the end of 2012 if production and launch dates do not move this will mean that you will have a choice of 12 different models.

We will Love the new B Max? Ford thinks So!

We will Love the new B Max? Ford thinks So!

Ford’s marketing departments are pulling out all the stops with the Bmax and it is already set to be a run away success.

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