Former Audi Managers Jailed

General Manger Jailed for false Audi cash Back Claims

Parklands Audi fraudsters jailed.

Previously employed as Senior managers within an Audi Franchise Craig Wellings and Gary Smith have now felt the long arm of the law.

Craig Wellings was jailed and Gary Smith given a 12 month suspended sentence for their role within a £37,500 fraud case at the Audi dealership in Gloucester.

In defence The former Audi Sales manager admitted to the allegations fraud at the Gloucestershire Crown court.

The court was told in that Gary Smith had been pressured and cagouled  into the criminal activity by his colleague Wellings.

Wellings who appeared to be the driving force behind the fraudulent activity was sentenced to one year at her majesties pleasure.

Wellings was employed as the Audi general manager and is it reported that he began the legal activities to fund his lavish lifestyle.

The scam involved defrauding Audi by making just under 40 false cash back claims.

Cash backs and special deals are a popular way of car manufacturers tempting customers and are used not only by Audi but also many other brands. Normally a customer or prospective buyer will commit to take delivery of a vehicle and when they have taken delivery the cash back is processed. Due to the fact that in most cases the cash back is used to fund the purchase of the new car it is not uncommon for dealerships to claim the cash back on behalf of the customer and simply deduct the cash back from the final invoice and instead be paid directly from the manufacturer.

The promotion was Audi funded where by if customers bought qualifying vehicles they where eligible for a cash back payment of £1,000. This money was then filtered into a bank account under the control of Wellings.

Thank fully as these where completely false claims no Audi customers or owners are known to have been defrauded. Instead it was Audi UK that bared the brunt.

Forensic accountants and financial investigators where unable to find any hard evidence that Smith had any benefit from the scam to fraudulently claim cash backs from Audi and had instead completely co-operated with the police and relevant authorities.


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