Gap and Car Insurance Claim – Well Now its My Turn!

Car & Gap Insurance Claim

After many many years of driving it looks as though the un-thinkiable has happened to me and we think it will be my turn to my a gap insurance claim!

Even though i work in insurance I suppose just like the vast majority of the public I bought my gap insurance policy simply thinking that I would never need it.  Even though i have been through the process hundreds if  not thousands of times before I think that I am only now really appreciating just how upsetting it can be.

Thank fully no-one has been hurt as far as we know.

To cut a long story short we live just off a beach promenade and we where indicating to go into our driveway. We had started to leave the road and an ealerdy gentleman came around the bend a little too fast saw us, mounted the pavement and went into the back and side of our car.

We know that his car has already been written off as the whole front end was gone.

It was an accident just on-of those things and thankfully no-one is hurt. No whip lash on our side at least.

So this is where my new understand of the whole car insurance and gap insurance  process comes in.

My own motor insurance company who i have to say have been excellent transferred me to another part of their business who deal will no fault accidents.

In short it seams as though my details are then passed on to two different insurance/ claims management style companies. One company is responisble for delivering a car for us to use and the other for the repair / estimate of our poor family car.

Now it has never been a secret that at Aequitas we believe in being completely fair and we carry this ethos over into our personal lives as well so this means that we never want to take advantage of a bad situation. So I was little shocked when I was well lets be honest the only way i can describe it is encouraged to make sure that I took advantage.

Did I have whip lash, did i want to talk to someone about potentially making a claim.?

We have a large 4×4 which we do use as a 4×4 and I was encouraged to have a replacement vehicle exactly the same. Ultimately this would mean that the other persons insurance company would have to pay more to provide me with the car. This in turn would mean that as the insurance company would have to pay more this cost would have been passed on to members of the public when they came to renew. We don’t want anything other than our car repaired if possible and something to use in the meantime. After all making false claims is not only illegal it is morally wrong. Why should we benefit from it?

So after about an hour and a half a modest replacement car, just a small 5 door was arranged to be delivered and our car collected.

You would think that this would be the end for now , well until the insurance assessors decide to repair or written off the vehicle at least but no!

Within about 4 hours we had had about four different calls all from companies insisting that they could help, my husband was actually really upset as some of the tactics they used where less than pleasant. My other half does not work in insurance or business and finance so it is a very alien world and it was very distressing to see the insurance world in action though his eyes.

We would not normally write about our personal experiences however this has made us even more determined to make sure that our gap insurance customers know that we are here to help every step off the way and that no of your details are ever or will ever be sold, passed on , given or referred to any other company for any reasons what so ever all we ever want to be is fair, transparent  and up front.

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