Get Gap Insurance this winter to avoid a winter chill

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OK, it is a shameless plug but it comes at a time when Gap Insurance providers see a natural increase in interest in the specialist protection at this time of year. Icy roads and snow fall can serve to heighten awareness of the dangers of the UK roads at this time of year, and the possibility of accidents become more apparent to car owners.

Why Gap Insurance in winter?

Of course it comes at a time that traditionally sees road safety campaigns, drink drive campaigns and others aspects that help to concentrate the drivers at a time when staying safe on the roads becomes a little more difficult. The darker nights and wintery conditions all serve to make traveling more difficult for all, whether you walk, use public transport or indeed your own private vehicle.

Remember for those who have purchased their vehicle some time ago, there are some Gap Insurance providers who will allow you to purchase a policy within 90, 105 or even as high as 180 days after the vehicle purchase. This can mean those vehicles bought back in May can still take Gap Insurance in November.

There can be nothing more galling than having your car written off through no fault of your own, and then finding that you have a financial penalties that cannot be recovered through standard motor insurance. For example, a shortfall between your motor insurers settlement and the outstanding finance settlement cannot be covered by your motor insurance, or recovered from a third party. This liability is yours to settle, even if the accident was not your fault.

Online Gap Insurance?

Of course Gap Insurance cannot prevent you being involved in an accident. You can be the most careful driver in the world but you just never know who, or what is around the next corner. At this time of year that could mean a fallen tree as much as a careless driver. Car accidents happen in a matter of seconds even in modern vehicles with improved technology and safety, and no one would plan to have one. By taking the precaution of having a Gap Insurance policy in place you could ensure your physical injuries can heal without leaving financial scars behind.


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