Honda Civic dashboard iPhone5 compatible.

Honda Civic Type R

Honda has made an announcement over a Google Hangout, that the upcoming Civic 2014 model will be able to interact with the iPhone5 due to an added dashboard interface dubbed the ‘Display Audio System’.


Honda’s dashboard technology.

Many companies are competing to make driving easier and one of the ways they seems to do this is by gaining control of the dashboard. Companies like Garmin and TomTom build devices that are simple and effective in providing navigation but that is all the devices are really capable of doing. Auto-makers, though they build the dashboard, seem to be losing out in the telematics front as they seem to end up making their devices overly complicated as seen with the MyFord Touch. The ones in the fore-front at the moment are smart-phone makers. This is partly due to the fact that almost everyone owns a smart-phone and the devices hardly ever leave their owners sides. Smart-phones can be used for almost everything with new apps coming out all the time. They are used for communicating, for watching movies, for listening to music and for whiling away the hours in doctors’ offices. Who knows what they’ll be able to do next?


The Honda Civic’s new system.

The ‘Display Audio’ system added to the new generation Civic should be compatible with Apple’s iPhone range, including the iPhone5 and budget 5c. The new system features a seven-inch touch-screen in the centre console, operate-able by swipes and movements similar to those used on Apple smart-phone technology. With this passengers will be able to access maps, personal contacts and media.

Alongside this, Honda has announced several iPhone apps. These apps are;

  • The HondaLink Connect that allows passengers to take full advantage of the new interface. It allows passengers to view points of interest around them as well as checking key information about the car.
  • The HondaLink Aha that provides cloud-based services which can be viewed and controlled from the touch-sreen on the console.
  • The HondaLink Navigation app is also available for £36.


The new generation Honda Civic.

The new model will be the ninth generation of the Honda Civic and although it’s not available as a hybrid model like some of it’s rivals, it’s still very efficient.

There is a choice of four engines with the Civic;

  • The petrol 1.4litre i-VTEC which is capable of returning 52.3mpg.
  • The petrol 1.8litre i-VTEC which is capable of returning 48.7mpg.
  • The diesel 1.6litre i-DTEC which is capable of returning 78.5mpg with emissions of only 94g/km of CO2 making it exempt from road tax.
  • The diesel 2.2litre i-DTEC which is capable of returning 67.3mpg with emissions of 110g/km.


The new iPhone compatible Honda Civic model’s sales will begin in the beginning of 2014, with prices starting at £16,995 and rising to £28,990 for the higher spec versions.

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