How easy is it to make a Gap Insurance Claim?

When you make a Gap insurance Claim we are here to help every step of the way

Making any sort of insurance claim, gap insurance claim’s  included is never nice. It is not something that anyone ever looks forward to after all something really horrible has just happened. Either your vehicle has just been stolen or worse you have just been involved in an accident hence you are making the gap insurance claim.

At  Aequitas we totally understand and we want to help you make the gap insurance claim process as easy as possible.

Officially no gap insurance claim can ever be set live until you own insurance company have written to you to inform you that your vehicle is being written off but as we have always said we are here to help at every stage. So even before your car is officially written off please contact us as we can help.

Simple things such as reminding you to request a copy of a settlement letter which can other wise delay claims as it can take up to ten days for your finance company rto send one, from simply things such as asking you to take copy of log books, tax discs and mot certificates etc.

We then stay in touch until you insurance company decide to write your vehicle off.

If they do write your vehicle off this is the point that we can get the gap insurance claim’s team involved. All claims are handled by the Insurance company via Motor Way Direct Plc. As you may already know Aequitas are very particular who they work with and it is a pleasure to do business with the claims team at Motorway Direct.  Their levels of customer service and pedigree is impeccable.

Part of the claims pack that they will send you will include a section in which you will give the claims team authorisation to liaises with your own insurance company. Again as we have said making a claim can be very stressful and the very last thing that we ever want is for you to be caught in the middle of two large insurance companies all attempting to make sure that the other pays their fair share.

By giving the claims team this autonomy you can figuratively speaking take a step back and concentrate on the important things such as looking for another vehicle or making a recovery.

We are so confident in the ability and service levels of the claims team that we have taken to the next level and you will notice that written into the terms and conditions of your gap insurance policy is a term which agrees to pay within 14 days of your own motor insurance.

So how easy is it to make a gap insurance claim well it really can be as easy as 1 2 3.

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