Insurance Fraud Bureau pilot highlights scam!

Insurance Scams Cost us all Millions!

As you already know insurance fraud costs the insurance industry millions and millions per year.

Insurance companies are just like any other business they are there to make a profit and these fraudulent claims means that the cost of all of our insurance policies increases.

From car insurance to mobile phone insurance the price you pay will be inflated to some extent to allow for this billion pound scam.

In the UK today insurance fraud is at such an epidemic proportion that there is a body called the IFB ( insurance Fraud Bureau ) who are charged at investigating potential fraudulent claims.

With this in mind the IFB have piloted a scheme with the Metropolitan Police Force as a result of its involvement in one of the UK’s biggest investigations into identity fraud which has resulted in three arrests.

Liaising with the Metropolitan Police’s Amber-hill Unit, the IFB has been investigating the claims records of people suspected of having applied and received real driving licences by using forged documents.

The IFB concentrated during the investigation on  nearly 600 people who where suspected and already highlighted as possible identity fraudsters who where consider high risk of committing other forms of  claims fraud.

The investigate has led to arrested which had a total net worth of £170,000. Needless to say that the relevant insurance companies have already been alerted.

A spokes person for the Insurance Fraud Bureau said  “IFB investigations on just a small sample of suspects have proved that these people are using their false identities to purchase insurance and make fraudulent claims.”

Lets hope that this scheme is continued and that more arrests are made. After all it not only allows for fraudulent claims but also means that people who may not have passed a driving test or be eligible to drive are on our roads putting other members of the public at risk.

So well done IFB and lts hope that more pilots can put the insurance fraudsters behind bars where they should be.

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