Is Dacia helping to set new car standards?

How much is your used car worth and why does it matter?

It is not so very long along that every new car came with just 12 months warranty and road side assistance.

This was later changed so that every new car came with 3 years warranty and in most cases the roadside assistance followed suit.

Then the Korean, Japanese and Chinese new car manufacturers changed the whole future of car warranty’s as we know it. With many manufacturer’s offering 5 years and some even 7 years cover as standard.

In fact Vauxhall offer a lifetime or 100,000 miles warranty. Now that is confidence in your brand!

So ahead of opening ordering for the hotly awaited Dacia ( scheduled for later this month) Dacia have confirmed that their new flagship Duster model will come with a standard 3 years cover which can then be extended to an impressive 7 years.

Dacia’s will also offer a 5 year or 60,000 miles warranty for just £395 and the full 7 years for £850 and will also include road side assistance.

So dose this mean that we are now all expecting more from our manufacturers in terms of warranty? Remember that the average length of ownership of a new car is now 63 months, just over five years. So naturally standard warranty could leave you exposed.

Will this mean that other new car brands will have to follow suit and start to offer longer warranties only time will tell?

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