Jaguar is a big winner 2012 survey!

Top Prize for Jaugar

Recently the Jaguar Land rover group  reported that they where on target for a record 2012.

We have always known that there is and has to be a direct correlation between happy customers and levels of sales. After all is customers are happy and well looked after they come back time and time again which in turn increases sales.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the Jaguar Land Rover group has now come top in the J.D. Power and Associates/What Car? 2012 UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study.

This means that Jaguar that now pushed Lexus and Skoda another brand well know for customer satisfaction back  into second place

Interestingly the survey was based on just under 18,000 individuals in the UK who had owned for some time, in fact the average length of ownership was  two years. A number of ownership areas where measured from

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Reliability
  • Real cost of ownership
  • Dealer Satisfaction

Not happy with just one top ranking in the manufacture category Jaguar also did fantastically in the model ranges with the XF winning ” Executive Car of the Year”

So while Jaguar remain deserved winners there naturally has to be losers with Chevrolet in 27th and Vauxhall in 26th position.

Chevrolet took the bottom position at 27 and Vauxhall was in second to last place at 26.

The top ten Manufacturers where

1 – Jaguar
2 – Lexus
2 – Skoda
4 – Honda
5 – Mercedes Benz
6 – Toyota
7 –  Audi
8 – Volkswagen
9 – Volvo
10 – BMW Joint position with  Nissan

The Bottom Ten manufacturers where

27 – Chevrolet

26 – Vauxhall

25 – Fiat

24 – Suzuki

23 – Renault

22 – Mitsubishi

21 – Hyundai

20- Citroen

19 – Alfa Romeo

18 - Peugeot  joint position with Mazda

So what where the other big winners or did Jaguar make it a clean sweep?

Kia Sportage posting the top score for customer satisfaction.

Toyota iQ is the best city car

Honda Jazz is best super mini

Skoda Octavia is the best small family car

Toyota Prius is the best family car

Lexus IS is the best compact executive

Jaguar XF is the best executive car

VW Scirocco is the best sports and cabriolet car

Mercedes B-Class is the best MPV

Kia Sportage is the best compact SUV

Lexus RX is the best large SUV.

So well done to Jaguar and all the other winners.

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