Jaguar Land Rover on Target for a record 2012!

It is hard to remember but not so long ago the Land Rover brand was not the glowing success story it is today.

Yes Land Rover  has and always will be world renowned for the Range rover but they where struggling in other lucrative market segments.

The Range Rover, Free lander and Discovery models have all been tried and tested and are not out of place as an urban “Chelsea Tractor ” or on any 4 X 4 track.

That said with a lot of hard work, amazing innovation technology and design they are bucking the bucking the trend with a reported 34% rise in pre-tax profits to £1.5 billion in 2011.

They have had a huge success in the UK with the Evoque range and Jaguar XF which has exceeded all expectations. This has resulted in the manufacture creating more jobs and increased security for its ever growing workforce. In fact the Uk is Jaguar Land Rovers biggest market.

Land Rover parent company  Tata Motors is reported to have said that the significant increase in retail sales by 27% to 305,859 units was due to strong demand from China and emerging markets.

With waiting lists for the ever in vogue models getting ever longer it seams as though they are on target for a record year with pre-tax profits for Q1 (ended March 31) which were £530 million.

This is mean that Land Rover have had a  staggering £299m increase in over the same period last year.

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