Kia launch the brand new Soul 1.6 GDI

Kia signs deal with Lord Sugars Media Company

In some of the latest vehicle release news today to make its way out of the well known and loved car manufacturing firm known as Kia, we are excited to report on one of the latest releases from the mass manufacturer which comes your way in the manner of the brand new Soul 1.6 model which has recently been debuted on British soil and across numerous parts of the world too. Over the years Kia have became well established and have some good vehicles leave their showroom’s, some of which include the likes of the Rio and the Sportage. The brand are once again hoping to have another big seller on their hands with this all new Soul model for 2014 but will it prove to be just as big as some of it’s predecessors ?


The main points of the Kia Soul 1.6

Kia bosses are hoping that this will be indeed the car that puts them on the map for the future of both the new and used car industry but, what is it about this all new model that truly makes it stand out and., why could it prove to be good competition in the future of the new and used car market going against the likes of rival brands such as,Citroen,Peugeot and Ford ?. Well firstly we see the welcome addition’s of,a 1.6 litre,four cylinder,petrol engine that overall produces power of 130 brake horse power and will therfore reach overall top speeds of 115 miles per hour with the 0 to 62 mile per hour dart taking a time of just 10.6 seconds. The Soul also benefits from a six speed,manual transmission system as standard.


What pieces oe equipment come along with the Soul 1.6 that we believe could be some key selling ponts for the car all round ?. Well we see these come in the way of,steering wheel mounted controls,a DAB digital radio and air conditioning also comes along with the vehicle as standard.


What is the going price for a Kia Soul 1.6 GDI ?

We are firstly pleased to inform you of the news that you can buy this brand new Kia model right now from Kia showroom’s all around the world. In regards to the cost that you can expect to pay for this model, expect to invest into a brand new Kia Soul machine for a cost of £12,600.

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