Kia Sorento designed by customer feedback!

It is not uncommon for manufacturers to upgrade and almost face lift vehicles form time to time, however this time Kia insist that their changes have been as a result of customer feedback.

New Sorento 2013 - Kia insist the changes are not just cosmetic.

Instead the new Kia Sorento as an all new chassis, improved ride, modified engines, better road handling and yes the cosmetic lick and polish.

The model comes in a five or seven seater there is a new LCD instrument cluster and centre console with 7 inch display. Everything is much more tactile with surfaces now made to feel soft and appealing.

Outside the Kia has made changes to the headlights, tailgate and bumpers and introduced LED lights. Kia have also increased the choice of alloy wheels that can be ordered.

We will still have to wait for the Kia’s arrival later this year for a full specification and price list but with the old sorento now reaching over 620,000 registrations worldwide it is hoped that the New Kia sorento will prove even more popular.

In fact the sorento sold over 130,000 vehicle in the USA last year and the sorento was the second highest selling model in the USA for the second year running.“

New Kia Designed by Customer Feedback!

New Kia Designed by Customer Feedback!

According to a Kia spokesperson  “We have given very careful attention to owners’ feedback, and the upgraded Sorento is not just a cosmetic exercise but a major step forward for our popular SUV.”



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