Lord Sugar, KIA and Amscreen

Kia signs deal with Lord Sugars Media Company

Lord Sugar the chairman of Amscreen and KIA UK  strike a deal to improve advertising.

Lord sugar made millions at the start of the inter-net revolution with his brand Amstrad and has more recently become well know for the hit BBC program ” The Apprentice”. But Lord Sugar is also heavily involved in promoting and inspiring the youth and junior entrepreneurs of the nation and has even been on many governmental consultations regarding the matter.

Kia & Lord Sugar

The recent deal with Lord Sugars digital media specialist company Amscreen have incorporated a Ad live  advertising platform which will enable Kia to start a Uk wide digital advertising campaign with en element of locally controlled content.

It is hoped that a more local and personalised approach will appeal more to the public with local specific content playing a key role in the promotion.

Each of the 171 KIA UK dealerships will now be able to adapt and modify national advertisements to feature more local aspects and then promotes them at local levels 

This means that this could be the most cost effective way to supplement local press with a national reach of over 20 million adults the length and breath of the UK. After all motor manufactures can spend thousand of pounds in advertising in attempts to tempt us into the showroom and then ultimately in to buying a particular brand. Kia are no different however this shows an innovative attitude towards reaching prospective customers

A spokes person for KIA UK said “By using the Amscreen network we are able to involve local dealerships in the advertising process whilst still maintaining a unified message.”

Lord Sugar, added: “Kia and Ad live are showing the true potential of digital outdoor by bringing the flexible targeting capabilities of online and combining it with the stature of digital out-of-home.”

So let us know when and if you see the new Kia campaign and what you think of the new Amscreen systems?

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