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In some car industry news today coming directly out of the Italian car manufacturing team known as Maserati, we are excited to report on the latest breaking news regarding the official launch of the all new Ghibli model from the brand which has been recently launched on our roads here in the UK and across other various parts of the world also. Over the years that this iconic brand have been in existence, they have always had a great reputation for high powered sports cars and, have always stood tall in the top spot contending ranks along side other brand’s such as, BMW,Ferrari and Aston Martin. They have a notorious reputation for designing and building powerful vehicles that have the perfect combinations of both, power and comfort, and judging by what we have heard so far from road testers and owners alike this machine from Maserati looks to be no different.

What went into the Maserati Ghibli s ?

With that being said, we are pleased to have some information for you regarding what went into this particular addition to the Maserati range during its time on the production line. The reason we believe that this addition to the ever growing sports car range from the brand will be so successful is due to what has been done to the car ahead of it’s official release time. With that being said, with the Maserati Ghibli, we see the warmly received addition’s of,a 3.0 litre, V6,twin turbo engine that in total carries a whopping 404 units of brake horse power and will therefore make the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of just,five seconds flat. The top speeds of this vehicle come in the shape and form of, 177 miles per hour. The Ghibli comes in the form of a rear wheel drive machine but, does also come complete with an eight speed automatic transmission system pre fitted into the vehicle.

Regarding some of the more key features of this particular addition to the range, the main selling points of this vehicle are not just the engine and it’s capabilities in our opinion but, you can also expect to receive the inclusion of a,red and black leather stitched interior and,an all new touch screen that has been neatly placed into the centre console of the vehicle itself. With these perfect attributes combined we believe this will dominate the sports car division much in the same way brand’s such as, Ford and Audi dominate a car industry as a whole.

Pricing and release on the all new Maserati Ghibli

Firstly in regards to an official launch date on this all new Maserati model, we are pleased to report that this vehicle is officially available for purchase right now from your nearest participating dealership and, we can confirm that you can invest into this all new Maserati Ghibili at a cost of £63,415.

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