Mc Laren set to compete aganist Posrche and Ferrari

McLaren enters the Volume market

McLaren is more well known for their formula one presence as opposed to prestige vehicles, however all that is about to change with McLaren set to compete against Porsche and Ferrari.

Even though Mc laren has only been building cars for just over two years its target car buyer has above average expectations. These expectations put McLaren in direct competition with other auto super giant brands such as Porsche and Ferrari.

Consumer demand is pressurizing McLaren to further increase production and sales projections from just one thousand five hundred vehicles to a global target of four thousand.

This is a realistic target as Ferrari sold nearly seven hundred vehicles in the UK alone and over seven thousand in total.

With two modes in the McLaren with the Mc laren MP4 with a starting price of £180,000 and their Super car with a list price of over one million. Both models have been received with rave reviews and the order bokks are already full with the brand already forfilling its Uk sales target.

McLaren will add to the model line up with a verison called the P13 which they hope will be able to establish the brand as not just and enthusats car but a more volume production vehicle. The increase in volume will also they hope enable a viable aftersales and servicing network to be established.

Unfortunatley we willhave to wait until 2015 but with direct competitors such as the ever popluar Porsche 911 the all new McLaren is expected to be priced more reasonably in the region of one hundred and twenty thousand pounds.

There are already forty one McLaren dealerships globaly with three in the Uk alone,  Jardine Motors in London, Rybrook in Birmingham and Sytner in Manchester.

So if you do have a spare one hundred and twenty thousand pounds or so McLaren is soon set to be a real alternative to more tradional super cars.

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