Mercedes C-Class DAB

White Mercedes DAB

Mercedes C-Class DAB

Whilst you may be thinking that a C-Class DAB is a new model or specification of C-Class at Mercedes, it is not. Mercedes have introduced the DAB digital radio as standard to the C-Class model.

The firm have also confirmed that the technology will be transported onto all models in the UK . The new C-Class model is set to arrive in the UK in just a few weeks time and is tipped to take the UK Car Market by storm.

It is predicted that at least half of the line up at Mercedes will already be developing models that have the technology fitted upon it. The announcement at Mercedes comes just days after major rivals Volkswagen announced that they plan to incorporate the feature onto future models in the UK.

Mercedes join rivals with DAB


The firm have recently confirmed that the entire range of Up! Models at Volkswagen will be fitted with the DAB radio at no extra cost. Other manufacturers such as Ford, BMW and Audi have already confirmed that they will be doing the same over the next 12 months.

Ford who are in direct competition with the UP! Model insist that that maintaining the appeal of models such as the Fiesta and the Focus is the key to success.

Mercedes have also recently headlined a number of articles following the second sighting of a redeveloped CLS model. It is believed that the CLS model will make an appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed later on this year before being released sometime in 2015.

The Mercedes CLS model will take a number of styling cues from the C-Class model which is due to be released sometime soon. The CLS model will also follow in the footsteps of the C-Class by having the DAB radio fitted upon it.

Digital Radio UK estimate that now Ford, Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes have all confirmed the fitting of the technology on models, over 3 million vehicles will be able to receive broadcasts on the roads of the UK.

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