Mini John Cooper works concept model to be unveiled

BMW promise more investment for the Mini brand in the UK

In some car related news today coming directly out of the British based manufacturing industry team known as Mini, now owned by BMW, we are happy to report on the latest Mini concept idea that is set to get a public reveal sometime throughout this week at the Detroit motor show. Over recent years Mini have proven not to be so Mini anymore unlike the original models from the companies history, but none the less, the range of cars new and old still remain to be one of the finest and most well designed cars in the industry to this day, and with the news of the brand new John Cooper works concept set to be unveiled this week, we believe the companies place in history is set remain, and be bigger than ever.


What we know about the the new Mini Concept so far ?

We are quite excited about this car, we think it is safe to say. Due to the basic look of the model, which comes in the form and shape of a brand new color and sporty style layout to the model. At first glance, the first things you will notice is the re designed,body work, which in the base pictures that have been released online, show a grey sort of color with red striping located around various spots of machine.


The roof of the model is full red with, two white racing stripes. In terms of what has gone into the car during its concept time of manufacturing, we see the warm welcome of,18 inch alloy wheels,a larger air intake on the front of the machine allowing a much more, smoother driving experience for the consumer. LED headlights with, a black grille make this model look fantastic from the front view. In regards to the features of the model you cannot see from the get go, but will indeed experience during driving this particular vehicle, it has been confirmed that the model will receive much more updated and tweaked suspension systems.


Now in terms of the engine and capacity of the new Mini concept. It has been rumored that we will see the inclusion of a four cylinder, petrol engine that is rumored to carry a total of,217 units of brake horse power. Not a lot more is known regarding the car as of yet, but we do expect more to be announced this week, at the new Mini concept’s official unveiling in Detroit, which will also run along side reveals from other top car brands such as, Ford,Nissan and Toyota.


Pricing and release of the all new Mini Concept

Firstly in regards to an official release time of the all new Mini concept idea, although nothing has been confirmed as of yet, we do expect the model to hit dealerships and be available for purchase sometime near the end of this year, with an expected price tag to come along with the new Mini John Cooper model of around the £23,000 area.

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