Mini may be owned by BMW but UK is still its home!

BMW promise more investment for the Mini brand in the UK

In recent news BMW have announced that they will be investing yet more into the Mini‘s home in Oxford, Swindon and Birmingham.

The 250 million pound  upgrade will take place in the run up to 2016 and will enable an increase in production, this will mean that ultimately there will be three factories producing up to 10 different models from the Mini range.

This investment also comes just over a year after BMW committed a £500 million injection and brings the total committed investment in the UK to over 1.75 billion pounds since 2000. Even for BMW this is a huge amount and we think represents a massive commitment to both the BMW and Mini brands but also a commendable investment in the UK work force and skill base.

A spokes person for BMW said  “Over the last decade, Mini has become a unique global success and the BMW Group has even greater plans for the future development of the brand. Plant Oxford has played a major role in this with cars being exported to over 100 countries around the world. This additional investment is great news for all our employees in the UK and shows the BMW Group’s commitment to Britain as a vital manufacturing base for us.”

The Mini has always been a British an international style icon and when BMW told the brand on they where able to build on this.

The new mini is still as fun and funky as ever but now has the “oh so typical German excellence”  in terms of engineering and functionality. Build quality is also impeccable.

The A segment ( sometimes called the super Mini segment ) is a quickly growing, expanding and very profitable market, with Vauxhall’s  set to launch their own super mini called the Adam in direct competition to the Mini early in 2013.

That said with strong residual values, quirky and individualistic styling the BMW Mini has long since been one of our nations favorite and with this new investment and commitment to the UK it shows no signs of ending.

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