Mitsubishi Expects 1/4 more sales in next 4 years

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Mitsubishi UK is expect big things in the next few years.

The Japanese brand has been attempting to re-engage customers since it peak sales performance in 2005 when Mitsubishi registered 25,000 vehicles.

Unusually for 4×4 vehicles Mitsubishi has been one of a small number of 4 x4 car makers who have bit hit by the recent financial crisis. Other car makes such as Land Rover have in fact seen record sales. So what went wrong ?

Being at the ever changing mercy of the Yen has not helped but also older style models meant that the time is right to Mitsubishi to re-target the UK market.

New models and an invigorated Mitsubishi  dealer network is set to herald a new era in fact the estimated growth would see Mitsubishi increase to supplying 30,000 vehicles in just four years which is 5,000 more units than their previous record.

This is good news for established Mitsubishi dealers who have been early awaiting a new product line up and a big opportunity for late commers.

The dealer network already have two new models the Mirage and the Outlander and have gone one stage further with a complete price adjustment for the ever popular Shogun. This has resulted in a year to date increase of 49.61%.

Mitsubishi UK is also reported to have stated that dealership  profitability has also returned and is back inline with their record 2006 results. The UK arm of the business is also on a major recruitment drive and has been able to increase the dealership network by 10 % within the last 6 months alone, however they have set a target of another 25 dealerships within the next 24 months. this would take Mitsubishi dealer network to a total of 130.

So the future is bright for Mitsubishi UK and its dealership network which will also be good for owners who will find more competition and incaresed levels of service.

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