Mitsubishi release the first ever plug in hybrid SUV

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In some of the latest vehicle release news today to make its way out of the well known car firm known as Mitsubishi, we are pleased to report on one of the latest vehicle releases from the brand which comes your way in the form of the very first plug in hybrid SUV model the PHEV. Without a doubt in our minds electronic cars are certainly an advancement into the future of both the new and used industry and we certainly believe that this all new PHEV model could very well be the car that takes the Hybrid world by storm.


Everything you need to know about the Mitsubishi PHEV EV

So with that being said, what has gone into this brand new hybrid Mitsubishi model to make it stand out amongst the rest and why should you choose to make the investment into this model over any other EV on th emarket from the likes of Nissan with the Leaf and BMW with the i3. Well firstly we see the welcome addition of, a 2.0 litre,four cylinder petrol plus engine that also comes fully fitted with electric motors too. The model is reported to make the jump from a standstill to speeds of 62 miles per hour in a time of just eleven seconds flat and, it has believed that the top speed for this brand new Mitsubishi model comes in at 106 miles per hour. The Mitsubishi PHEV comes as a four wheel drive variant and also comes fully fitted with a single speed,automatic transmission system.


So with these perfect combinations of power and cost efficency in mind we do believe that his model will also rival brands such as the likes of Vauxhall and Ford too.


What is the purchase price on the Mitsubishi PHEV ?

Firstly we are pleased to confirm that, you can buy this brand new Mitsubishi hybrid model right now from Mitsubishi showroom’s all around the UK and across other parts of the world too. In regards to a cost for this model, expect to make the investment into this brand new Mitsubishi PHEV hybrid model for a cost of £34,999.

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