Motor Manufacturer calls for New Car Scrappage scheme across Europe!

Do you remember the Government new car scrappage scheme and the amazing impact it had on new car sales?

With demand for new vehicles in such a volatile position the head of French manufacture Renault is calling for European Governments to re-introduce the new car scheme.

Head of Renault Mr Tavares indicated that he thought that this would show support for the European and French automotive markets.

So would a reintroduction of the new car scheme have any impact on new car sales?

Would Scrappage scheme help new car Sales

Would Scrappage scheme help new car Sales

During the scrappage scheme UK dealerships sold over 330,000 vehicles which research showed that 90% of which where sales that would not of happened otherwise.

That is a lot of vehicle sales and a lot of additional business.

So what do you think? Do think that the scrappage scheme would tempt you into buying another new vehicle ?

Either way only time will tell if the new car scheme will even be re-launched and exactly what impact that would have on the motor and related industries.

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