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With technology constantly expanding and improving in our different variations of car,  it almost seems like everyday a new piece of technology is being created. Recent automotive technology has been in the news for some magnificent gadgets in our car models across all brands from the likes of Ford right the way to Audi . Here are a few of the stories.

 Deployable studded tyres in our car

The tyre company, Nokian tyres, have created a concept winter tyre which allows drivers to deploy studs at the push of a button much similar to the Aston Martin vehicle used in the James Bond movies.

The problem with studded tyres has always been that they can only be used in extreme icy or snowy conditions otherwise they will damage the road surface. If Nokian’s tyres make it to production, this could become a thing of the past.

The concept features retractable studs that can be deployed on all four wheels at the same time. While the body of the stud remains in place, a hard metal pin in the middle is pushed out to provide extra grip on snow and ice. At the moment the tyres are still just a concept.

Self-adjusting seats by 2015

Automakers and key suppliers plan to offer self-adjusting seats in luxury vehicles by 2015. Johnson Controls Inc. and Faurecia SA are developing the seats, which are likely to show up first in chauffeured cars though they may eventually reach mainstream cars and trucks.

If designed, the seats will use cameras and pressure sensors to automatically fit the driver’s contours. The high tech seat will adjust in two stages, first the driver or passenger will indicate their height using a smartphone or button on the console, then the computer would use it’s pressure sensors to evaluate the passenger’s posture, possibly recommending a different seating position. If the motorist agrees, the computer would set the seat automatically.

Olivier Boinais, a Senior Industrial Design Manager at Faurecia, commented, ““For the past 10 years, we’ve been trying to simplify the adjustments while providing comfort.”

Andreas Eppinger, Vice President of Technology Management at Johnson Controls, commented, “If you have ever tried to adjust a seat with 18 controls, it keeps you pretty busy. You can sit however you want, but if you are not sitting in the perfect position, you might regret it after an hour.”

Tech,Tools and Mechanics in modern day car models


The advancements in technology aren’t all good news, especially for mechanics. It may make driving experiences easier but some auto repair shop owners’ expenses have increased as quickly as they adapt the new equipment to their business.

Instead of lifting a hood and diagnosing problems, mechanics now use scanners and expensive equipment to repair vehicles. Repairs that used to be routine have become full blown computer exercise with today’s computer technology in cars, such as; anti-locking brakes, air bags, air conditioning, monitoring, entertainment and navigating systems that the likes of most Mercedes vehicles these days have built into them.

Not only is it a race against technology advancements but mechanics also have to compete with other mechanics. Increased competition from other independent auto repair shops and specialized stores that focus on one brand of vehicle have sliced margins for auto repair owners.

Randy Harris, Manager at J&J Aito Maintenance in Walwick, N.J, commented, “We have to stay on top on what is changing. You either keep up or get left behind, but it costs you to keep up.”

So with all the new automotive technology being produced by manufacturers, what do you think will be designed next for your car ?

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