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New Easy Gap Insurance

As you know being part of Aequitas Automtoive Easy Gap is oldest and most well established gap insurance brand we promote on line.What we may not know is that after nearly 9 months of liaising with the policy administrators we are proud to have been able to upgrade with policies now underwritten by Ageas Insurance Limited.

This primarily came about as we where so impressed with the way in which Motorway Direct PLC have dealt with our many many thousands of happy customers. The gap insurance claim’s team which is based in Sheffield are genuinely in our opinion second to none. Not only in levels of service but also the exceptional way in which just like us they value levels of customer service.

The fact that Motorway Direct could now offer us access to policies underwritten by Ageas meant that we felt that this was the logical choice. This decision was not made lightly as we have been very pleased with the support from our previous suppliers and AM Trust Europe and in fact can still offer policies underwritten by them and even still offer the facility to fund them however with the new website upgrades looming this was the perfect opportunity to offer even more choice to our many website visitors as well as new and existing policy holders.

The new Easy Gap insurance policies have been completely re-vamped with more features, better terms and even free transfer.

Please remember that in line with our company ethos this free transfer is not simply a promise made by us but instead it is a terms and condition physically written into you gap insurance document.

As well as being cancellable, deferrable and now free transfer the market value limitation on the purchase price you have paid has been completely removed.

This means that with the new re-brand we can honestly offer what we consider to be market leading gap insurance policies underwritten by one of the Uk’s largest insurance heavyweights.

As always we welcome your feed back so why not visit the new website and let us know what you think about the new gap insurance policies?

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