New Gap Insurance 1 2 3 Polcies features

New Gap insurance 123 Features

Aequitas Automotive Limited are proud to launch new policies features on Gap insurance 123

The original gap insurance benefits remain the same but the have been some small but very important changes.

All gap insurance policies supplied via Gap insurance 123 will now have a gnerous 30 day cooling off period. This means that should you change you mind for what ever reason during the 30 days providing that you have not attempted to make a gap insurance claim you can simply contact the 123 team and they will be able to issue a full.

After this time you can still cancel your policy and again providing that you have not attempted to make a claim you can pay a small admin fee directly to the insurer who will then issue a pro rate refund.

Aequitas a proud to offer these features as it means that any polices purchased from the Gap Insurance 123 brand will now be…

  1. Transferable
  2. Deferrable
  3. Cancellable

This means more choice in when you want your policy to start, which vehicle you want it to cover and if like the rest of us mere mortals you change you mind you can even have a pro rate refund.

When you combine these new features with the already long list of other benefits such as ..

  1. Covers all non-transferable warranties
  2. Covers paint protection
  3. Pays £250 towards your own motor insurance excess
  4. The purchase price is not limited to a percentage of a guide price
  5. Underwritten by a pedigree insurance company
  6. No charge for using credit or debit card
  7. Up to 5 years cover for vehicle replacement and return to invoice styles of gap insurance
  8. Free accident management
  9. Payment within 14 days

With these new gap insurance features you now have even more choice and value for money.

So why not Google gap insurance get some quotes and compare policies before you buy so that you can make real informed choices.


New Gap Insurance 123 Features

New Gap Insurance 123 Features

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