New Kia Sportage KX4

How much is your used car worth and why does it matter?

KIA are building on the success of the Sportage with a new KIA  ready to be launched in time for the September plate change.

The New Kia KX4 will used a higher powered verison of the 2.0 turbo diesel engine currently used in the KX3 and will start from just £27195 on the road with the automatic model at £28500.

As well as more power the KIA KX4 will boast a six speed manual or automatic gearbox as well as an intelligent all-wheel drive system.

Even thought the new Kia model is not officially launched until September Kia dealerships have all ready taken 18,000 orders for the new model in the UK alone.

So what extra features will the New Kia KX4 have over the KX3 Sat Nav.

  • Parallel parking assist
  • Key-less Smart Entry
  • Stop start ignition
  • new door scuff plates

But don’t forget the standard equipment that will include

  • leather upholstery
  • 18-inch alloy wheels
  • privacy glass
  • seven-inch touchscreen satellite navigation system
  • Xenon lights
  • automatic lights
  • automatic wipers
  • panoramic sunroof
  • dual-zone climate control
  • heated front and rear seats
  • cruise control
  • iPod connectivity
  • colour reversing camera
  • seven-speaker stereo, external amplifier and sub woofer.

Still no fury dice or kitchen sink but the additional warranty , fantastic levels of trim and specification as well as associated low rate finance the Sportage is set to exceed all expectations.

Yes the Kia has a good level of specification and the back up but what about performance?

The Kia will also not be sluggish with the new model achieving 0-60mph in 9.4 seconds, In the manual model the  top speed is 120mph and its  CO2 emissions are just 158g/km with a reported 46.3 mpg.

The automatic gear box naturally has an impact on these figures which mean that the top speed increases to 121mph with emissions increasing to 189g/ km and fuel dropping to 39.2mpg.

With all of the New Kia Kx4 models being classed as insurance group 19 and only available in all wheel drive just don’t forget the Gap Insurance



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